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"I'm sure Jeremy can do all kinds of massage, but I'm always in need of deep tissue, which not all therapists can do effectively. Jeremy's deep tissue (sports) massage is simply the best I've ever had. He is excellent at finding the toughest spots and working through them. He provides traction, assisted stretches, and many different techniques customized to what my body needs on that day. His understanding of the body and expertise at massage are simply unmatched in my 15+ years of getting deep tissue massage. On top of all that, he is so kind, smart, easygoing, and truly enjoyable in conversation. This is what massage excellence feels like."

- Johnathan Metts

The Body’s Source is a private practice committed to providing quality, professional massage therapy. We deliver exceptional bodywork in our centrally-located Houston office in addition to offering in-home massage and corporate chair massage. If you're looking for effective, results-driven massage therapy with over a decade of proven experience, The Body's Source is the place for you.

"Jeremy is an absolute professional and truly takes the time to get to know you. He’s very attentive to your needs and problem areas and does a phenomenal job. I’ve been seeing Jeremy for well over a year now and I can honestly say he’s helped me work through shoulder and back pain that were bothering me for years beforehand. If you’re dealing with pain issues, flexibility needs or honestly just want a good massage…he is your guy! I don’t often leave reviews but he’s improved my health and well being so much that I want others to have the same!Type your paragraph here."

- Jay Allen

3100 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77098 


"As a fellow healthcare professional, it was nice to spend time with Jeremy discussing what was bothering me before beginning the massage. Jeremy is very skilled and engaging, pointing out areas that require further attention, and providing advice for improving tension and flexibility outside of the massage. I can't recommend him enough!Type your paragraph here."

- Brad Ricket