licensed massage therapy in Houston, TX

The history.

The Body's Source was founded in 1997 to offer relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalization. From individualized deep tissue massage that targets specific muscles and tension, to Swedish massage for overall relaxation and circulation, we can help you reduce pain, recover, and de-stress. Over the years, we've also developed a unique and innovative approach to workplace wellness with our corporate chair massage stress management program. Our massage therapists are highly trained and hold all necessary certifications to ensure all parties are protected.

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Meet Jeremy.

Jeremy Runnels is a licensed massage therapist, runner, and entrepreneur with a true passion for helping his clients achieve optimal health and balance. His thoughtful approach to bodywork utilizes strong techniques with an exceptional level of finesse, delivering an experience that's both effective and indulgent. Well-versed in a number of modalities, Jeremy practices massage that intersects science and art.

Our clients.

We're proud to list Stage Stores, Mitsubishi, Cameron, Bechtel, Rice University, Memorial Hospital, Aetna, Whitefence, Core Chiropractic, and many more of Houston's top businesses among our corporate clients. To see what others are saying about their experiences, check out our reviews. To learn how we can create a more productive workplace together, visit our Corporate Chair Massage page.

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